Stan – Founder, Insole maker, Shoe designer, collector, and expert, Guru.

Brant – Partner, Two-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, High School, College, and post-collegiate coach, Peanut butter connoiseur, organic oatmeal eating, bike-commuting hippie.

Brenda – Accounts Payable manager, Keeps the children in line.

Chris – Ultramarathoner, Linguistics PhD candidate, Mt. Taylor 50k champion, Pun Apprentice.

Harrison – Current Lobo distance runner. 

John – Legend, World Jr. Cross Country Champion, UTEP All-American, Fitting shoes since the beginning, Wise old man, Master of the pun.

Joey – Runner, climber, cornhole champion.

Jon – Fitting shoes is in his blood, Part owner of Bonz insoles, Lead singer in a band.

Julian – Our apparel designer and artist. Two time All American. Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier.

Laura – Casual shoe line expert and buyer, Merchandising expert, Local New Mexican, Avid reader.

Matt – Leader of our community outreach, companion of canine named Buddy, Founder and Director of Full Moon Runs.

Scott – UNM student. In training for his next sub-5 attempt in the mile. High school coach.

Sonia – Granddaughter of the fastest guy in the store.

Tim – Former coach and current teacher. Packers fan.

Heart & Sole Sports, est. 1999